Cosmic Chemistry

Has science buried God? Or does perhaps theism sit more comfortably with science than atheism?

On 24 September 2019, around 900 visitors joined us at ETH Zürich to listen to Professor Lennox’s talk «Cosmic Chemistry – Do Science and God Mix?». A warm thank you to all who contributed in organising this event – and to all who participated in it! John Lennox said that he loved the atmosphere and the audience.

The lecture was hosted by VBG Zürich, the Christian Student Association of the ETH and University of Zürich, in partnership with CAMPUS live, Dozentenforum and Festival of Thought. To find out more about our activities, and to get into contact with Christian students in Zürich, please visit our website.
Prof. Dr. John Lennox

John Lennox is Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and Fellow in Mathematics and Philosophy of Science. He is an internationally renowned speaker on the interface of science, philosophy and religion.